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Faux Wood Blinds

Classic wood blinds are classic, but they might not be the perfect choice for your home. Wood blinds can be expensive. They are also not always the most resistant material, especially in high moisture areas. However modern engineering has an option...faux wood! It can be manufactured to look just like real wood, but can better withstand various environments than real wood blinds.

What Are Faux Blinds Made Of?

They are made out of a vinyl material. During the manufacturing process the blinds are grooved and painted to look almost identical to wood, yet have the durability and resistance of vinyl. In addition thy are also coated with UV inhibitors to further increase durability.

Faux blinds are available in multiple colors which fall in three main categories:

Solid Colors

A solid color will give the look of a classic blind. There will be no visible wood-grain texture.

Embossed Colors

Here you will start to see a wood-grain texture. Each slat will have grooves which give the blind a 3D look.


A slightly different manufacturing process is used to apply a printed wood texture that gives these blinds a realistic wood appearance.

What Makes Faux Blinds A Good Choice?

Faux blinds have some benefits not offered by real wood. Here are three advantages faux blinds have over wood:

They Can Withstand High Moisture

When real wood blinds are exposed to extreme humidity they can warp over time. Since faux blinds are manufactured out of a vinyl material they can withstand a high moisture environment without even the slightest bend. So if you are looking for blinds to go in your kitchen or bathroom then faux blinds may be a great choice for you.

They Are Budget-Friendly

Vinyl is not only cheaper than wood, but is a more-friendly product during the manufacturing process. This results in a cheaper end product for the consumer. So if you are on a tight budget, faux blinds may be a great option.

They Are Highly Durable

UV inhibitors applied during the manufacturing process enables faux blinds to be very resistant to warping and fading due to prolonged sun exposure. Faux blinds are also able to withstand twisting and force much better than wood. While a wood blind may break, crack or splinter due to normal use, faux blinds tend to "snap" back to their original shape after external forces. So if you have children or pets, faux blinds may be the right choice for you.

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